Our mission is to support US-based senior experimental Postdocs and finishing graduating PhD students in the low-energy nuclear physics field who are about to take the next step in their careers. Due to the COVID-19 situation, junior people are currently being robbed of the opportunity to travel to conferences, show their work, and meet and interact with potential employers.

Our goal is to shed exposure on these individuals by providing an online series of selective seminars to be held 1-2 times a month until conference travel has returned to some normalcy.

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Program Advisory Committee

Alexandra Gade headshot
Alexandra Gade

Michigan State University

Robert Grzywacz headshot
Robert Grzywacz

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Sally Hicks headshot
Sally Hicks

U. of Dallas & U. of Kentucky

Robert V. F. Janssens headshot
Robert V. F. Janssens

University of North Carolina

Augusto Macchiavelli headshot
Augusto O. Macchiavelli

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Grigory Rogachev headshot
Grigory V. Rogachev

Texas A&M University

Guy Savard headshot
Guy Savard

Argonne National Laboratory & U. of Chicago

Anna Simon headshot
Anna Simon

University of Notre Dame

Ingo Wiedenhoever headshot
Ingo Wiedenhoever

Florida State University